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Led by a group of passionate and energetic professionals, Okamins is a professional supplier of replacement turbocharger, custom-made turbocharger, turbo spare parts and related value added services.

Working together, we provide turbocharger manufacturing solutions to customers located across the world.


With 100 years combined experience, our deep technical knowledge and expertise are behind every product we sell. 


Trusted by our customers, Okamins turbo products & services are widely used in many areas.

▪ High-performance racing cars

▪ Automotive industry: passenger cars & commercial vehicles

▪ Construction equipment: excavator, mining shovel, mining truck, articulated truck, dump truck, etc.

▪ Agricultural equipment: harvester, lawn mower etc

▪ Marine engines

▪ Aircraft

▪ Turbocharger reman / turbocharger re-manufacturing



We provide full range of turbo products with a variety of models to racing clubs, turbocharger manufacturers, turbocharger wholesalers and distributors, turbo repair and refitting shops worldwide.


Okamins works closely with our customers to unlock new opportunities to grow and deliver more quality, reliability and productivity. We have a very strong R&D and engineering design capability, and offer flexible supply chain (sourcing & procurement, VMI/SMI, shipping & logistics) programs and other value added services/solutions.

Mission Statement

Our Goal is to be the preferred source of turbo solutions throughout the world. 

We strive to set the standard for quality, service and create value for our customers, stockholders and employees.


Core Values - What we believe, what we deliver, and what we live

Okamins has a strong foundation of core values that guide the way we do business.

· Customer Focus - We are deeply committed to meeting the needs of our customers, and we constantly focus on customer satisfaction.

· Integrity - Inspiring trust and confidence through maintaining ethical and professional standards, saying what we mean, doing what we say, and taking responsibility for our actions.

· Continuous Improvement - Spend an ongoing effort to improve products, services, or processes.

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