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Okamins invested heavily on moulds / toolings that few companies in China can compete with, accuracy of which are always consistent with OE standards. This strength together with high quality, made us win customer's confidence from time to time. We never stop investing on this, and challenge ouselves on solving cutting edge issues that turbocharger industry faces, like ceramic ball bearing technology, stainless steel turbine housing, mar super alloy turbine wheel for 1050℃ high temperature application, stainless steel bearing housing.

Except for normal floating bearing system, Okamins can also design/upgrade ceramic ball bearing turbochargers. We use "Made in Germany" ball bearing, which can withstand higher temperature and much higher speed. We're pretty successful on GT/GTX(R) series ceramic ball bearing turbos, which were/are widely exported and used in North America and European regions. Our frequently ordered Models include GT2254, GT2554, GT2860, GT2871, GT3071, GT35, GTB2056, TD04.

The compressor wheel, turbine wheel, rotor assembly and cartridge of Okamins turbocharger are all well balanced.

We supply hundreds of different models of completed turbochargers for both gas and diesel engines. The application includes automotive car, truck, excavator, agricultural harvester and other industrial equipment.

Okamins keeps developing new turbochargers.

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