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Turbo Assembling & Testing

Turbo Assembling & Testing of Okamins consists of below sections:


Section 1: Assembly of Core Cartridges /Center Housing Rotating Assembly (CHRA) & Balancing

Section 2: Turbocharger assembly involves a complex supply chain - Purchased Parts & Inspection 

Section 3: Final Assembly of Complete Turbo & Testing

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Thanks to extensive experience gained over many years, Okamins can maintain a high level of quailty of turbocharger products.



Our turbocharger testing capabilities:

· European Union Made CIMAT VNT calibration flow bench - calibrate a variable nozle turbocharger according to original parameters (mainly for BorgWarner series)

· UK Made G3-min-Flow (Air)  - accurately measure the flow through the VGT mechanisms and verify that they are set to the OEM factory setting (mainly for Garrett series)

· ITALY Made REDAT GATETEST-3 - calibrating Pressure / Vacuum of Turbocharger Actuator